Track Lighting 101

28th Feb 2024

Track Lighting 101

Track lighting never goes out of style. They provide a flexible lighting solution as you can add, remove, or relocate lights whenever you would like without having to call the electrician. They may also minimise initial lighting installation costs as your electrician will not need to install as many lights.

Track lighting may be recessed, surface mounted or even suspended. They are typically available in lengths of 1m, 2m or 3m, but can be cut down or joined together to create your ideal length. You may even add corner or cross joiners to suit your space. All track configurations will require additional hardware such as a live end, end cap and potentially a driver, depending on your track voltage.

48V Track

Suspended, ceiling or wall mounted 48V DC low voltage Track made from extruded aluminium. Available in 1000mm, 2000mm and 3000mm length. Powder coated finishes include black and white. The ON / OFF, PUSH and DALI functions are always guaranteed only by a pair of conductors, thanks to the conveyed wave technology. The other pair of conductors can be used to obtain a possible second lighting (special codes and an additional driver are required). Remote 48V DC power supply for ON/OFF, DALI or PUSH dimming to be ordered separately. A range or connectors, mounting systems and accessories complete this versatile 48V DC system that supports all the fittings of the Track 48 range.

240V Three Circuit Track

Eurostandard electrified track made of painted extruded aluminium. Rectangular cross-section with asymmetrical profile for correct module connection. Available in a six-conductor version to also allow DALI control of individual luminaires and in a 4-conductor version for ON/OFF operation only. Possibility of separate switching of the three circuits. The system is supplied with a range of accessories.

Whether you want to highlight artwork or light up a whole room, track lighting is a versatile lighting option that allows the flexibility to change things up whenever you would like.

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