Luceplan (Italy)

8th Apr 2024

Luceplan (Italy)

The perfect synthesis of beauty, quality and sustainability, Luceplan lights are as much a piece of art as a functional luminaire.
Their catalogue contains an extensive range of award-winning lighting fixtures, including true acoustic lighting solutions, all with consistently high standards of performance and aesthetics.

Popular lighting options

The delicate Illan features a timber shade laser cut from a single piece of birch. The dedicated LED radiates with a warm 2700K glow, perfectly complimenting dining areas or as an inviting statement piece to entry areas.

Mesh offers great theatrical impact without obscuring views. It is composed of a network of flexible black cables with LED sources positioned at their intersections, dematerializing it leaving only the light itself. The pendant version is available in three sizes with a drop of up to 5m. It is also available in a ceiling mounted version, perfect for where ceiling height is limited.

Pétale is one of six true acoustic pendant options from Luceplan. Featuring an organic form that conceals the magic of silence, the body consists of a sound-absorbing panel covered in white fabric. Available in three sizes, this clever pendant will improve acoustic comfort in any space.

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